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AIVITEX is the all-in-one solution for better customer support. Our video-enabled tool combines multiple features to help you remotely support customers from diagnosis to successful resolution.


At the latest since COVID-19, most companies know: Many on-site visits can actually be done remotely. The only problem? There's a lack of tools that make remote customer support really easy. This is where we come in: With AIVITEX you can replace on-site visits with a smart video call and save time, money and CO2 emissions.

Faster problem solving

Whether it's remote maintenance, technical support or claims management, AIVITEX lets you see through your customers' eyes and easily solve problems remotely. Bye-bye, shortage of skilled workers!

Great time saving

You want to be more productive? With AIVITEX you can complete more orders in less time and sustainably increase your competitiveness also due to eliminated travel costs.

Easy to use

AIVITEX is browser-based and very easy to use. Simply send your customers a dial-in link via SMS or mail and get started right away. App download is not necessary.

We use AIVITEX to carry out audits remotely. In this way we not only save on trips but have also documented all important information.

Markus Schritz

Managing Director Rhenus :people!

Since spring 2021, I have been using the AIVITEX video call for remote quoting and customer consulting. This saves us many trips, the customers are very satisfied and I optimize our processes. Within one working day, the system was ready for use, the employees trained and AIVITEX in operation.

Michael Hummel

CEO Coldbeam GmbH

My many years of experience as an industry representative in the field of smart home, electric mobility, etc. have shown me that 30% of our on-site visits to customers were not necessary.

Carsten Jung

CEO Jung System Vertrieb & Elektrolotse

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how quickly I was helped.

Michaela M.

Customer from Böblingen, Germany

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This makes AIVITEX unique

We combine everything important in one software:


Use AIVITEX with your own branding and stand out from your competitors.


Use our templates and customize forms for different use cases.


Capture information during the call and create reports with just a few clicks.


Point out special features to the customer in the live video with overlays.


Take photos and record video snippets in live video and see the snapshots automatically in the report.


Forward photos & forms to customers or employees with one click after the call.

Use cases

Whether it is quoting, wallbox installations, residential construction or insurance claims management and settlement: AIVITEX is the perfect choice for all companies that are in direct contact with the end customer and make many on-site visits.



About Us

AIVITEX was founded by Antonia Zock and Dr. Daniela Gerd tom Markotten. Our tech team is led by our CTO Gelu Vac.

The mission? We want to revolutionize customer service with probably the smartest software for video calls. To do this, we combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Video (VI) and Technology (TEX) - with AIVITEX, remote customer support becomes as easy as calling a friend!


AIVITEX the environment.

That is why we are a member of Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA). This means: With AIVITEX, we not only support companies in reducing their CO2 emissions by reducing on-site visits. We also lead the way ourselves and keep our own CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Learn more Download our latest Impact Report here

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the smartest video call that makes remote support as easy as calling a friend.


- 5 frequently asked questions -

What about data protection?

As a GDPR-compliant company based in Germany, we do everything we can to ensure that your customers' data is in safe hands. We treat customer information with utmost confidentiality and rely on secure end-to-end encryption for our software. Of course, this also applies to all of our software's integrated documentation processes.

What does AIVITEX cost?

When purchasing an annual license, AIVITEX costs 100 euros per month. This cost quickly pays for itself - especially due to the time saved, the elimination of travel costs and the ability to process more orders in less time. If you are a company looking to purchase multiple licenses, you can take advantage of our "Custom Plans for Enterprises" for a discount. Contact us.

Does the video call also work in the basement?

For our video call, you and your customers need Internet access. If your customer's WIFI reaches into the basement, AIVITEX will also work in the basement without any problems. In fact, many single-family homes are now equipped with WIFI in the basement as well.

Are there any other features planned?

Yes! We are constantly developing AIVITEX and always listen to our users' feedback. Would you like to see a specific feature? Contact us and tell us about your idea! The more users would benefit from the feature, the more likely it is to be implemented.

How is AIVITEX different from other video tools?

Where do we start? :-) AIVITEX offers you many features for better customer support. For example: White Label, documentation of data, integration of data, taking of photos, scribble, product overlays or a custom creation of forms for data recording. Plus, there is no app download required for your customers - and unlike almost all other providers, we are a German company. :-)


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