Deep Dive Mobility

Create more wallbox offers in less time - thanks to smart video call

Inspire customers with uncomplicated quoting: The intelligent video call from AIVITEX offers you various functions to perform the wallbox pre-check quickly and easily remotely.

  • Use AIVITEX with your branding.
  • Get started immediately without extensive training.
  • Document the call in predesigned forms.

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Wallbox pre-check made simple

With AIVITEX you no longer have to be on-site to make an offer for the wallbox. Simply send your customer a link via SMS or email (no app download is necessary) and get a picture of the situation digitally and remotely. You can analyze and document distribution boxes and cable routes via video - saving you and the customer time and travel costs.

Much more than just a video call

Individual forms

Choose from our templates and customize the forms according to your needs. You can prepare forms for different use cases and document every situation with just a few clicks.

Point and scribble function

Use the fade-in pointing and scribble function to point out specific features to the customer in the live video. In this way you can analyze the situation in more detail and advise your customers better.

Photos and video function

You can take photos and record videos in live video at any time. The recorded snapshots appear automatically in the report and you can add additional info to them.

Augmented Reality

With AIVITEX, you can overlay a wallbox in the live video via augmented reality without additional software. Your customers can better imagine how the wallbox will look in the end.

Fast forwarding

Highlight facts in the photo and forward the photos and/or forms to your customers or employees for work and repair orders with one click.

Easy integration

Using software development kits (SDKs) or proprietary interfaces, you can seamlessly integrate all data from your wallbox pre-check call into existing workflows and CRM systems.

Not only for the wallbox pre-check

deep dive mobility

Whether inventory, damage reports or simple fixing of problems: The AIVITEX video software is suitable whenever on-site visits are not absolutely necessary and you can also get a comprehensive picture via video. The GDPR conformity is guaranteed for the entire product and all integrated documentation processes.

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Test the AIVITEX videocall free of charge for 14 days. Just click on the link below and get started. Instead of just a few pre-checks per day, you can quickly perform up to 3 pre-checks in just one hour.

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